Better customer experiences with omnichannel engagement

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More conversation leads to better relationships. This is true in life and
in customer service.

With friends, it doesn’t seem so hard to begin a conversation on Facebook and to pick it up in person, but in customer service it can be a lot more challenging.

Multiply the number of customers with the number of available communication channels, and the ease with which customers can communicate on their mobile devices, and suddenly there’s a lot to track.

61% of customers surveyed are less patient with customer service than they were five years ago

Without an omnichannel strategy and solution, customer conversations become siloed in different tools or systems, creating a disjoined customer experience. These days, it is as important to answer customers as it is to track when and where they contact you, and to pick up each conversation right where the last one left off.

63% of respondents would like to move between customer service channels and not have to repeat their situation every time.

Download this report to boost your informed decision making with these action points to implement so your team can meet customer expectations. 

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