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Futureproofing your omnichannel enterprise

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Seth Adler

Per Zendesk’s benchmark snapshot data, customers have been increasingly preferring channels such as WhatsApp for interacting with businesses.

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The Problem

Customer expectations are constantly changing. Customer behaviors continue to evolve. Throw in a global disruption which affects everything from a person's medical reality to their economic well-being, the customer becomes an elusive. Thus in these times, it is essential for businesses to provide a truly seamless omnichannel experience which covers WhatsApp along with your other current and future channels. 

How To Solve The Problem

The demo highlights a single view of all customer interactions across channels, such as email, chat, Whatsapp, Twitter, and others. We review tabs within the page for different customer interactions, making it easier for agents. This ease of use when coupled with detailed CX insights generated by Zendesk, can help organizations deliver a truly exceptional customer experience.

The demo addresses these crucial challenges:

  • How to deliver an exceptional and seamless experience to customers reaching out via WhatsApp and other channels
  • How to ensure better agent productivity – without having them to struggle with CX software limitations
  • How to get more actionable insights from my customer support data
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