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CX TALK: How Metro Bank Creates a Consistent Customer-Centric Experience
Iain Kirkpatrick is the Managing Director of Metro Bank. In a presentation at the Customer Experience Exchange for Financial Services he held an insightful presentation around customer-centricity. As an industry disruptor he also provided his perspective on why organisations need to change their legacy business models to be able to adapt to the... View now
CX TALK: Manulife on Personalisation vs Automation
Jeronimo De Miguel is the VP, Branding & Creative at Manulife. In an interview at the Customer Experience Exchange for Financial Services: US he spoke about:Creating a brand image that delights customers in an industry that struggles with trust buildingHow to develop employee brand-ambassadorsThe opportunities and challenges within... View now
IBM Interview: How CX Leaders Can Drive a Successful Digital Transformation
CX Network interviewed Drew Crisp, Digital Leader, Communications Sector, IBM iX, about the rising focus of digital transformation within organisations – and how it’s affecting customer experience strategies in particular. In this interview Drew discusses:How leaders today can make their CX a competitive a differentiator through a digital... View now
CX TALK: Personalisation Best Practices from Accor Hotels and Conversocial
At the Customer Experience Exchange for Europe Mike Havard, Director of Ember Services, hosted a panel discussion on personalising the customer experience. He was joined by Mariana Machado, Customer Behaviour Director at Accor Hotels, and Lauren Stewart, Marketing Director EMEA at Conversocial, as they spoke about personalisation as a key part of... View now
Digital Transformation Insights From Philips
Vijay Solanki is the Senior Director – Digital Innovation at Philips. In his presentation at the Digital Marketing Exchange he spoke about: 1) Digital innovation: what it is, why it’s important, why you need to do it, and why you need to do more of it 2) Digital transformation: for any element of digital to happens, especially in traditional... View now
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Shop Direct’s Personalisation Strategy
Sarah Curran is the Luxury Director for Shop Direct. In an interview at the Customer Experience Exchange for Retail she spoke about:The differences between operating online vs offlineThe most effective way to map a customer journey onlineKey elements to delivering a high level of personalisation onlineThe holy grail of customer experience – and... View now
Microsoft Data Culture Future Analytics
Jon Woodward is the Business Lead BI & Analytics at Microsoft. In his presentation at the Customer Insight & Analytics Exchange he discussed how to leverage the future of analytics and embrace data culture. Watch his full session below.
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Customer Experience 2017… in 2 Minutes
What are the biggest customer experience trends and challenges for 2017? And what are market leaders doing to prepare? We researched the industry for our annual Global State of Customer Experience report - and this video provides a two-minute snapshot preview of the results ahead of the report publication in June 2017.
How Aviva Utilises Big Data to Drive Customer-Centricity
Jonathan Mansley is the Head of Data, Analytics & Insight at Aviva. In a presentation at the Customer Insight & Analytics Exchange he spoke about what makes good customer insight – and how big data helps with that. Including the biggest insight challenges and why you need to have data-centricity as part of your DNA to be customer-centric.... View now
How Metro Bank Builds Emotional Engagement
Chris Brindley is the Managing Director of Metro Bank. In an interview at the Customer Experience Exchange for Europe, he spoke about:How financial services can rebuilt trust with their customersThe importance of speaking about fans instead of customers and colleagues instead of employeesWhy they benchmark themselves against the best retail brands... View now
137 video results
of 14