What BT has learned from a decade of global consumer data

Discover how multinational telecommunications organization, BT, has uncovered a range of insightful trends from a decade of consumer data

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CX Network

At CXN Live: Contact Centers 2020, Nicola Millard, principal innovation partner, enterprise CTIO at BT, offered attendees a closer look into the scope and breadth of the research into consumer trends that has been conducted by BT over the past 10 years.

Make things easy for your customers

After briefly detailing the impact of Covid-19 on some consumer trends, including increases in expectations and less tolerance for service failures and disruptions, Millard explained the story behind BT’s latest metric: ‘net easy score’. This score was developed after research showed that 40 per cent of customers who find an experience difficult are likely to churn.

The key trends shaping customer experience in 2020

Moving on to customer experience trends, Millard noted that BT is detecting a large number of organizations attempting to push customers toward digital channels that may not be suitable for meeting their high expectations. Millard reminded that this can lead to some serious ripple effects for brands.

The session also explored a series of significant findings BT has discovered on consumer preferences and behaviors. She noted that while there has been immense hype around chatbots, with 73 per cent of customers believing they would improve CX, they appear to have not quite lived up to the hype yet. In addition to this, it was proposed that while customers are indeed using video channels more than ever, brands should consider that this does not necessarily mean customers only want to engage through this channel.

Millard offered a range of other insightful trends and observations, ranging from the prevalence and desirability of social media channels to customers opinions and limitations regarding personal data, and how this facilitates the performance of AI-driven CX initiatives.

To hear the full range of Millard’s insights and observations regarding the latest trends identified by BT, watch Millard’s full session at CXN Live: Contact Centers 2020 above.