How AI analytics can boost sales effectiveness

At CX APAC Live 2020 Philippe Mercier, VP of analytics, APAC at enterprise software solution provider NICE, discussed the concept of applying AI to modernize business analytics and improve CX.

Adam Jeffs

Artificial intelligence in customer experience

Mercier explained that in order to build a ‘best in class’ customer experience, brands must understand what their customers are telling them.

This is best done by analyzing customer behaviors throughout various interaction points with a brand. These behaviors can be descriptive or interpretive, notes Mercier, which can be a challenge as drawing meaningful insights from interpretive behaviours generally requires some level of human reasoning.

This is where artificial intelligence (AI) comes into play, says Mercier. Solutions like Nexidia have been handling interactions for years, applying algorithms to conduct interpretative assessments.

In the session, Mercier showcased how the Nexidia platform is utilized to analyze sentiment scores for specific locations or agents. Behavior scores are then decoded to uncover root causes for these sentiment values.

Watch the session below to find out exactly how customer sentiment analysis can be operationalized and how AI analytics can drive sales effectiveness by more than 30 per cent.