Connecting customer empathy to business value

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Customer engagement strategy

At CXNLive: Customer Feedback and Satisfaction Brian Curran, VP of innovation and design at Oracle explored the concept of driving real financial value from customer empathy programs.

Curran took attendees through the value equation, its three layers and the various strategies required at each level to drive positive business results. The various layers being:

  • Empathy Layer: Observational data on the customer’s point of view, behavior and needs.
  • Engagement Layer: Actual interactions between customer and brand.
  • Execution Layer: Internal corporate activities that deliver services for users.

Through a range of examples and case studies, the VP of innovation and design encouraged listeners to follow four key strategies at each layer:

Collect: Take care to collect meaningful data across the three layers from a range of contextual sources. This will provide a holistic view of events.  

Analyze: Seek patterns and trends that can bolster decision making, but endeavor to avoid biased analysis.

Decide: Based on the data gathered and trends observed, consider the potential decisions and the outcomes that could be expected.

Act: Use the insights to optimize how the brand operates and engages with users.

Access the full session and its learnings to find out how to combine people, data and machines to drive better customer satisfaction and financial results.

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