Launching personalization projects to delight customers

Australian Red Cross confirms that personalized marketing reduced customer churn, increased retention and saved US$2.8m


Personalization programs are key in customer experience management. That was the key takeaway from Belinda Dimovski, director of engagement and support at the Australian Red Cross, as she revealed some of the not-for-profit’s successes in her session at CXN Live: APAC Online.

Due to its personalization initative, the organization managed to reduce customer churn, increase retention and customer lifetime value, while saving AUS$4m (USD$2.8m) in marketing spend.  

Reflecting on how her team managed to make impressive gains, while providing a more personalized experience to customers, Dimovski cites a range of strategic decisions. One key move was developing its four bespoke annual campaigns in-house rather than relying on external agencies.

"We took on the function of understanding our customers,” explains Dimovski. “This included their preferences in content and engagement, so we wouldn’t just spam them with information. To do this, we created personas, segmented our data and audience, and sculpted a bespoke set of journeys based on those personas.”

The increased visibility and control had its benefits. "By streamlining how we messaged these individuals, we became more targeted in our approach, “she continues. “We now update individuals simply, clearly and with meaningful information. For example, we are starting to inform them on the positive impact their funds are making to programs they care about."

Watch this session for more insight into how the Australian Red Cross obtained these key successes from better understanding its customers.