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Seth Adler

If your business was truly customer obsessed you'd be relentlessly focused on improving the digital experience right now.

For many brands the path to recovery in the current downturn lies in the strength of their digital experience. It is the only viable go-to-market strategy, and the rapid shift in consumer behaviour caused by COVID-19 has highlighted the urgent need for brands to improve the customer journey in this space and grow their digital footprint. The benefits of doing so will be quickly realised today and in the future - because even though restrictions will end at some point, their impact on behaviours will be long lasting.

Find out how to build a strong competitive advantage in this Qualtrics webinar exploring how to rapidly and effectively adapt your CX for a digital world. Drawing upon real-life examples of brands that are successfully navigating the downturn with digital and insights from our team of CX experts you'll discover how to:

  •  Meet customers where they are with a range of digital collection options across mobile and digital.
  • Understand changing customer behaviours and preferences and analyse insights in real-time
  • Rapidly act on these insights to improve the experience driving action. Optimise e-commerce capabilities by improving the experience
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