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Why customer experience is a good revival strategy for retail

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Retail experience

It’s never been easier and more compelling for consumers to switch brands.

In the face of this reality, alongside product innovation retail brands are sculpting experiences and services that will win them customer loyalty and trust.

This ebook looks at the retail brands that are removing points of friction in the buying journey and are delighting customers. It explores the shortlist of retail brands commended by CX Network members.

The content will also delve into exclusive insights provided by the retail CX professionals in our 2019 Global State of CX research to map out key customer engagement trends and pain-points in the industry.

Find out how one retail brand managed to make $8.9m in extra profit over 6 months

This 15-page report offers actionable data. By reading this report you will learn about:

  • The move one retail brand made which created $8.9m in extra profit.
  • Why customer experience is a good revival strategy for retail
  • Disney's Approach to Experience Management.
  • Why John Lewis UX manager thinks: Collaboration is great in customer experience, but validation is vital
  • Insights from Martin Ortlieb User Experience Researcher at Google on linking CX initiatives to ROI.
  • How our listed CX trailblazers in retail are parting themselves from their competitors
  • Building a customer centric culture
  • The big mistake many in retail are making in reaction to the retail store apocalypse.

This report offers several insights that will help you retail brands redefine the customer experience they provide.

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