The Big Book of Customer Insight and Analytics 2019

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CX Network

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Customer insights and analytics

The value of data for enhancing customer experience is now undisputed, given its ability to improve personalization, product innovation and responsiveness. 

However, many enterprise-level organizations are still struggling to realise its potential due to data silos and poor integration, difficulty translating data into actionable insights and a lack of a data-driven culture within their organization.

With that in mind, CX Network and Medallia have commissioned the Big Book of Customer Insights and Analytics 2019 to help you unlock the value of the increasing amounts of data at your disposal. 

Based on the back of research with 220 CX practitioners, case studies and insights from the likes of Allianz, John Lewis, the Post Office and PayPal, here are just a few of the insights contained in the Big Book:

  • B2B customers have a higher expectation for real-time interactions than customers on Main Street (64 per cent of B2C customers expect real-time interactions, with the numbers shooting up to 80% for B2B customers)
  • Despite 53 per cent of respondents claiming that a business “can never have too much data”, many also admit that they have little idea what they should or should not be paying attention to
  • Organizations are leveraging real-time sentiment analytics to be more responsive to customer needs
  • Only 22 per cent of organizations have a culture that supports a very strong focus on data and insights
  • While many people are talking about advanced data strategies, such as leveraging artificial intelligence, nearly one-third of respondents remain focused on defining baseline metrics that support the wider corporate strategy
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