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Lessons to learn from six financial services brands hailed as experience trailblazers by the CX Network community

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Customer care

As product differentiation is relatively limited, the core route to standing out in financial services is through the actual experiences delivered to customers.

This strategy is reaping rewards for many in the industry, studies have discovered that customer experience is bringing significant returns for financial services companies. A recent Forrester Research report found that a one-point increase in a banking provider’s CX Index score can equate to over $120 million in added revenue.

This guide shares the defining aspects of CX design that earned six financial services brands the admiration of customer experience experts in our 2020 Global State of Customer Experience research.

CX practitioners should absorb these learnings to optimize their own customer engagement strategies going forward.

Download this guide to access:

  • The list of financial services brands applauded in the 2020 Global State of Customer Experience – which features over 200 customer experience experts.
  • A guide detailing the four key pillars of great CX in financial services to lock in customer loyalty.
  • How employee-led customer innovation sparks thousands of new ideas every year and hundreds of patent registrations for one financial services brand \
  • Results from building a corporate culture that empowers staff to do the right thing by the customer, whatever it takes
  • Practices that led to one brand being recognized for its seamless usability and fair company practices.
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