Supercharging your frontline with the voice of the customer

Are you really getting the most out of your voice of the customer program… if your whole company isn’t hearing it?

Access this webinar to get the tips needed to upgrade frontline agility with voice of the customer data and insights. 

This webinar will take place on:
April 28, 2020
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM SGT

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We’ve all heard the corporate promises pledging to ‘always put customers first’.

Behind this appearance, the reality is that many brands invest in voice of the customer (VoC) programs but fail to realize the level of impact they hoped for. This failure is triggered by fracture points that slow a brand’s ability to adapt to evolving customer expectations.

These sticking points include the fact that data collected from customers is often siloed, disconnected to financial results and is not delivered to frontline employees in an actionable way. In other words, the VoC programs are not truly operationalized.

By empowering employees with access to customer feedback data that is relevant to their role, businesses are better placed to boost customer loyalty through satisfying experiences, retain talent and see stronger profitability.

In order to achieve these benefits, companies must weave feedback into daily operations across the entire business.

In this webinar attendees will view a showcase of an operationalized VoC program and receive the tips needed to upgrade frontline agility with customer insights. 

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • Why democratizing feedback can help frontline employees deliver better experiences
  • How to drive widespread accountability at all levels in the CX mission
  • Why wiring customer voices into every decision will increase business impact
  • How leading companies are making CX as part of their company’s DNA
  • How to get more value out of VoC programs 
  • How to drive customer centricity across entire organizations - and transform CX into a sustainable advantage


David Lambert
Experience Management (XM) Principal Asia Pacific 

David is Medallia’s XM Principal for Asia Pacific. He helps companies realize rapid value from their CX and VoC programs through actionable insights that are clearly linked to financial outcomes, and also helping companies to operationalise their VoC programs to drive transformational change. Previously, David was Medallia’s Global Head of CX Consulting and Data Science and he brings his hands-on learnings now to Asia Pacific. 

David holds an MBA from London Business School, and First Class Honors in Finance and Econometrics from UTS Sydney.

Hussain Boltwala
Solution Consulting Lead - ASEAN, Japan & India

Hussain provides expert advice on solution design, best practices and emerging trends in customer and employee experience management.

Hussan spent over 15 years in various technology and consulting roles across different geographies. He has helped Medallia clients realize the full potential of Medallia’s capabilities by aligning to their business goals and CX/EX initiatives.

Hussain holds an MBA from the Indian School of Business and a Bachelors of Engineering in Telecommunications and Internet Technologies from Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne. He is currently based in Singapore.