How financial services need to adapt to win the hearts and minds of customers

The CX Network podcast welcomes Nadia DeVilla, VP, head of digital transformation and business development at Manulife

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Finance customer experience management

The CX Network podcast welcomes Nadia DeVilla, VP, head of digital transformation and business development at Manulife. She explores how financial service providers need to adapt in an ever changing environment to win the hearts and minds of customers. 

Customer interactions are changing

“The way customers interact with a company has changed. Therefore, we need to think differently - beyond our financial services walls. In terms of digital transformation, what that means to us, is [we need to adapt] how we interact with our customers, through any digital channel that they prefer. We are working at eliminating all manual roadblocks in that interaction.”

Targets are changing: Customer centricity

“Our target is to get our customers to love us. We aim for high NPS scores, and we want our people engaged. The interesting reality is that, as a financial services organisation we are being measured by our customers, and compared against non financial services, organisations, or utilities, against services like Apple, Amazon, Spotify or Airbnb. We are competing against technology and digital companies in recruitment efforts.“ At their base level, Manulife is focussing on providing a service in a manner that enhances a customer’s likelihood to recommend the brand to others.  

Being outcome focused

When it comes to implementing automation, Nadia believes that businesses often fail to take ownership of the end-to-end automation; “you find bright spots and business owners who believe in technology and the application of it, so they embrace it but only within pockets of the organisation. However, I'm fortunate enough to be in a company where it's a strategic objective - it's a top-down perspective, therefore, we are all driven to achieve this end, and we're all measured on it. We’re exploring more data driven automation by utilising data and analytics tools in conjunction with robotic process automation.

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