Lloyds Banking Group’s RPA Analyst shares his secrets to automation success

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In this week’s episode, Seth Adler is joined by Sai Giridhar Ramasamy, who explains what it means to be an RPA Analyst and COE resource at Lloyds Banking Group. He discusses the importance of merging business with technology and reveals what it means to ‘up-skill’ employees; “all you’re looking for is people who have a bit of an inclination to logical thinking and a bit of developmental knowledge…”

Sai talks about how his mission is to find ways to simplify and automate processes; “you must find quicker solutions”, whilst adhering to regulations and think “intelligently”, all in a certain amount of time.

He discusses the process in which they are integrating and introducing ‘chat-bots’ to leverage RPA. By gifting the robots ‘cognitive capabilities,’ it propels the robots to do more than just simplistic instructions; you go from commands like, ‘click this link’ to having the robot complete the cycle within the chatbot itself.

“People need to keep up with new technology, which doesn’t always happen in organisations… This is where Lloyds is unique; we don’t go to our traditional IT, we have our own machine learning team which we call the Machine Intelligence Programme, under which we have various robotic automation and process automation labs. We try to think and come out with new ways of doing things and we have the flexibility to test it.”

Contradictory to our previous podcast with Anders Emil Balk at Dankse Bank, where they use multiple vendors and have a close relationship with their IT team, Lloyds Banking Group have chosen to focus their energies internally; “The COE as a whole provides a lot more than just infrastructure, we provide training to business users to become developers. We have access to management teams who provide access into the robots. We have a tech team that supports maintenance of the infrastructure and we have our own operations team which runs and maintains the robots for the business users. It is an internally provided service, it does not go outside of Lloyds.”

Sai accredits his well-rounded knowledge of his role in the Centre of Excellence department to his background in Computer Engineering and his 7+ years working as a Business Analyst; “I understand what the business is, and get it in to the technology. I understand what the technology can deliver and then bring both of them together.”

Sai also answers the million-dollar question; should each industry remain within their own industry, or should each company become a tech-company? Find out how he responds in the podcast below:

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