How U.S. Bank is building seamless channel integration

Jennifer Borchardt, vice president of omnichannel experience and strategy, wealth management at U.S. Bank speaks with CX Network to offer her top tips on channel integration and optimizing self-service

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Adam Jeffs

Customer experience strategy

Ahead of her session at CXN Live: Digital CX 2020, Jennifer Borchardt, vice president of omnichannel experience and strategy, wealth management at U.S. Bank, reflects on her extensive career in customer experience (CX) for financial services.

Jennifer, who has grown alongside the rise of CX and digital financial services, gaining a wealth of experience in the center of technological innovation - Silicon Valley, recounts a specific channel integration win from her career and offers advice on boosting customer experience quality.

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Channel integration success

In one particular project Jennifer managed to expand the capabilities of her current team to include three new channels: email, ATM and team member experience.

U.S. Bank applied established UX standards and reusable components that could be used across breakpoints and platforms to optimize these channels so a consistent, efficient and user-friendly experience could be offered to customer and prospects.

The bank’s focus on consistency extends to design, content, interaction and brand expression, as consistent brand perception helps build trust with customers. Jennifer explains that if brand value proposition is clear and consistent across channels, which is achieved through the application of defined standards, this can only help make a good brand - better.

“As we design and build our experiences, leveraging a library of code, design patterns and components that are used primarily in consumer digital experiences, and applying them to team member experience has been very powerful,” notes Jennifer. She adds: “If team members have a good experience, they can in-turn provide a better experience for customers.”

To hear more of Jennifer’s insights and advice on digital customer experience and gain a better understanding of how U.S. Bank are excelling in this area, watch her session at CXN Live: Digital CX 2020.