Contributor: Paul Sands
Posted: 01/09/2017
Customer Experience 2017: Phygital Goes Mainstream
Paul Sands, Director of Retail Development and Customer Experience at Bang and Olufsen and a CX Network Advisory Board member, predicts that one of the biggest trends for CX in 2017 is that ‘phygital’ will become more mainstream. It’s a buzzword so contrived it might make you itch, but one that we had all better get used to. Phygital refers to a u Full Article »
Posted: 04/11/2017
Shop Direct’s Personalisation Strategy
Sarah Curran is the Luxury Director for Shop Direct. In an interview at the Customer Experience Exchange for Retail she spoke about:The differences between operating online vs offlineThe most effective way to map a customer journey onlineKey elements to delivering a high level of personalisation onlineThe holy grail of customer experience – and whe Full Video »
Contributor: Zarina de Ruiter
Posted: 11/22/2015
Interview with the Retail Director at Artisan du Chocolat about their customer experience strategy, the key to employee and customer retention and how they’re delivering a consistent customer service during the busiest time on the retail calendar. Danny Andrea is the Retail Director for Artisan du Chocolat, where she is responsible for all the in- Full Podcast »
Contributor: IQPC Editorial Team
Posted: 03/21/2016
The retail industry has undergone a significant change in recent years. With the rapid rise in online stores and mobile shopping, the high street has seen a decline in footfall, and the lifetime customer loyalty many brick-and-mortar stores were accustomed to is no longer a given.Retailers have to work harder and focus more on delivering a wow expe Full Whitepaper »