CX TALK: Digital Content and Publishing Director at Barclays on Why Content is King in Digital Marketing

Interview with the Digital Content and Publishing Director at Barclays in which he discusses getting the right content at the right time during a customer’s journey.

Robert Wint is the Digital Content and Publishing Director at Barclays, where he leads the bank’s Content and Publishing team to create and deliver all content for their main website, secure banking site and mobile apps and presence.

Robert was a speaker at the Digital Marketing & Transformation Exchange in London, where he presented a Barclays case study on the importance of content and how harnessing innovative content creation has helped them drive engagement, traffic and conversions. Before his presentation, we had the opportunity to sit down with Robert and ask him some exclusive questions for CX Network.

In this interview, Robert talks about:

  • His role as Digital Content & Publishing Director at Barclays and how it impacts upon the company’s wider customer experience strategy
  • Digital marketing buzzword content, and what key steps customer experience leaders should take to integrate content into their CX strategy to enhance customer engagement
  • Innovative ways in which the digital disruption is driving change in the way he approaches marketing and customer experience at Barclays
  • The biggest trends that will impact upon the customer experience and marketing industry in 2016
  • The most useful vendor solutions emerging to support the digital marketing industry
  • And his ultimate piece of advice for CX leaders looking at optimising their content strategy to drive customer engagement and elevate the customer experience their business delivers