UK Retailers Are Failing to Deliver a Consistent Multi-Channel Service

New study highlights lack of consistency between the choice of contact points offered by companies.

Communication channels are constantly changing and evolving, and offering customers a choice between the various contact points has become an integrated part of providing an excellent customer experience. Yet, despite the focus on offering choice, a new study has found that many companies have not yet mastered providing a seamless experience across the board.

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To highlight this lack of consistency, Eptica evaluated 40 leading UK companies on their ability to provide answers to 10 routine questions as well as their speed and accuracy when responding to email, Twitter and chat.

Key findings include:

  • Nearly half of questions remained unanswered
  • Email response times are slowing down
  • Customer service over Twitter has improved by 10% compared to the previous year
  • Chat was 100% accurate but only 5% of companies had it

You can download the full infographic with findings below.