5 Reasons Why Social Media Should Be Central To Your CX Strategy

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Social media as a contact point is a hot topic within customer experience, but why should you ensure it is part of your strategy?

With the digital revolution it has become easier than ever for your customers to share their opinion of your company or brand with a near unlimited amount of people on the Internet.


Yet while there may be a plethora of ‘citizen reviews’ on dedicated websites, such as TripAdvisor and blogs, it is the opinions shared on social media channels that make a real difference to your sales figures.


Comments shared about your company or brand on social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook can’t only drive sales your way, it can also achieve the exact opposite.


So you need to ensure that there is a positive sentiment shared about you on the Internet. After all, as we established before, it’s a huge place and one comment can influence the opinion of thousands of potential customers.


But remember, while social media is a prominent touch point that you should incorporate in your customer experience strategy, it isn’t the only thing you should focus on. Ultimately, it’s the customer that should be at the heart of your CX.