The Importance of Going Back to Basics to Build a Successful Customer Experience Strategy

Interview with the Retail Director at Artisan du Chocolat about their customer experience strategy, the key to employee and customer retention and how they’re delivering a consistent customer service during the busiest time on the retail calendar.

Danny Andrea is the Retail Director for Artisan du Chocolat, where she is responsible for all the in-place retail side of the business, which includes their own-branded stores, employee engagement and the wider customer experience strategy.

In this podcast interview, Danny discusses:

  • The importance of going back to basics when implementing a customer experience strategy to ensure top-to-bottom customer-centricity
  • How Artisan du Chocolate puts an emphasis on their hiring strategy to recruit team members that are passionate about their work and true brand ambassadors for the company
  • Why and how you need to stand out in an ever-growing competitive market
  • Differentiated ways in which they encourage employee engagement to ensure employee retention
  • The company’s brand values, which help them create both customer and employee retention
  • The key to delivering a consistent service – especially in the busy period leading up to Christmas – and why it is now more important than ever to deliver a great experience in store as well as online
  • How they’re working towards creating a "voice of the region" with their CRM to be able to create personalised experiences