Podcast interview with Kathryn Moore on interconnected retail

Seth Adler

What are the differences between omni-channel and interconnected retail? Listen to our latest podcast interview to find out


Kathryn Moore works in strategy and insight for a US-based big box home improvement retailer. She joins host Seth Adler from the CX Network podcast theatre to discuss the difference between omni-channel and interconnected retail.

She has one foot in today and one foot in tomorrow each day. An Atlanta native, and originally a thespian, she learned how to try things on stage, something which she brings to the office. She shares that you can only fail quickly and cheaply if you actually commit.

Moore got her masters and initially went into quantitative retail research where she learned that you must have the right context for your quantitative data. She taught herself to avoid the tunnel vision that allows you to show that you’re right… when you might not be.

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Host Seth Adler takes the opportunity to discuss generational similarities and differences, and the fact that some differences might simply be the stage that you’re at in your life experience.