Customer Experience Strategy for Utility Industry 2015 Guide

2014 was the year that saw a utility company promise to provide 3000 free solar panels to its customers(1), it was also the year that many energy providers began to feel the impact of not putting their customers at the heart of all their internal processes.

Compared to other markets, the utility sector has long had one of the worst reputations amongst consumers. With system errors preventing the likes of npower from sending bills out to customers at the correct time(2) it should be no surprise when consumers continually lack trust in their energy suppliers. In an attempt to eradicate the common perception a vast majority of utility companies expect their organisations will enter 2015 offering more efficiency to customers with the demand in response programs rising(3).

Looking to the future, as your company enters 2015 at a time when Europe's power sector has been hit by a weak energy demand in a sluggish economy, with low wholesale power prices and a surge in demand for cleaner renewable energy replacing gas and coal-fired power plants(4), it is imperative to innovate in a smart way and build your customer experience to be your competitive differentiator.

Mistakes are made to be learnt from no great success comes without failure. CX Network caught up with npower to discuss how they plan to take 2015 by storm using smart innovation as their strategic weapon and Ovo Energy to reveal how they have had such a big impact on the market in such a short space of time.

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