Annual research launched to dissect the customer experience landscape

CX Network

customer experience specialists in a survey

CX Network has launched a new survey to provide a year-on-year cross-industry update on customer relationship management.

What are the biggest trends, challenges and investments that will impact customer experience in 2019? Subscription models? B2B CX? Personalisation? Voice of the Customer? Omni-channel? Speech and text analytics? 

One of our biggest and most popular reports in the past year was The Global State of Customer Experience 2018

The 2019 survey will help us provide a year-on-year industry comparison as well as an overview of the trends, challenges and investment priorities that will be defining the next 12-18 months. 

We are inviting customer experience experts to contribute!

As a thank you for completing the survey we'd like to send you a copy of the finished report. Just leave your email address at the start of the survey to receive it upon publication!

And if at any stage you have a question about the survey and/or report, feel free to drop a line to the Editor on

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