CX practitioners retain focus on data and analytics during Covid-19 pandemic

CX Network report reveals that demand has increased for remote services and digital channels, but that the priorities for CX practitioners remain focused on customer loyalty, digital customer experience, and data and analytics

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CX Network

The impact of Covid-19 has not changed the priorities of CX practitioners, according to the findings of CX Network’s Global State of Customer Experience: 2020 report. ­­

The report, which gathered the insights of more than 200 customer experience (CX) experts on current CX trends across the globe, found that the three greatest CX trends were unchanged from those revealed in 2019, with data and analytics extending its lead as the greatest current CX trend, ahead of digital customer experience and customer loyalty, which came in at second and third place, respectively.

The turbulence created by Covid-19 has forced brands to reconsider their CX strategies, however,

Digital customer experience has proved very important in response to the Covid-19 outbreak, allowing brands to deliver services customers need while adhering to social distancing mandates. Live chat pop-ups have been added to certain high-traffic webpages to allow chatbots and virtual assistants to shoulder additional customer care burdens.

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Data and analytics

Data and analytics came out once again as the top global CX trend, with many brands advocating the power of data and being vocal about the benefits it has brought to their organizations we have seen 47 per cent of professionals list data and analytics as a top trend. The report provided some examples of CX wins as a result of good data practices, including one from iGaming affiliate Better Collective, who managed to boost customer engagement rates by 30 per cent through meticulous, personalized data practices.

Digital customer experience

Digital CX has been a critical tool in response to the recent crisis and government-mandated social distancing policies. Digital options for traditionally physical tools or processes have become increasingly prevalent in recent years and it appears that their current necessity has cemented their place as one of the top two global CX trends with 38 per cent of experts citing it as a leading trend.

Customer loyalty

In recent years, the CX world has experienced a steady increase in customer demands and expectations. Coupled with the fact that customer loyalty and retention are generally the desired outcomes for most CX initiatives, customer loyalty once again found itself in the top three global CX trends with 33 per cent of respondents stating it was their key trend for 2020.

To uncover the full list of trends CX practitioners have been following, as well as hear expert insight from suppliers and commenters, download the report here.