The Global State of Customer Experience 2020

Insights from more than 200 customer experience experts mapping market opportunities and hurdles over recent months and forecasts for the remainder of 2020

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Chanice Henry

Image of CX Network Global State of Customer Experience 2020

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Customer experience management

With research stating it only takes a handful of bad interactions for customers to switch to a competitor, the disruption caused by Covid-19 has brought with it a lesson for all brands to learn.

Brands must provide experiences that are relevant and bring meaningful value to customers in moments that matter.

To do this successfully from one day to the next, especially when major societal shifts occur, requires agility and close alignment with customers

Acting as a moment of truth – the experiences delivered in times of stress to customers will have far reaching consequences on customer retention and loyalty. So now, more than ever, it is important that brands are intentional about the value experiences
provide to customers.

This year’s edition of the Global State of Customer Experience Report surveyed over 200 CX practitioners from across the globe.

This 26-page report offers actionable data. By reading this report you will learn about:

  • A deeper understanding of how your peers are reacting to the shifting nature of customer expectations
  • How to build brand loyalty through exceptional customer service
  • Avoiding common points of friction and providing tools for quick resolutions
  • Direct insights from CX leaders on how provide value through exceptional customer experiences, including the head of VoC at Amazon
  • 10 moves practitioners are making in response to industry challenges
  • How to create brand advocates by utilizing the voice of the customer
  • CX project prioritization – work out where to place your efforts and investments first

 Read success stories and case studies from CX leaders: Disney, Amazon, Microsoft, Australian Red Cross and US Cellular.

Customer experience is the battleground in which customers are won and lost, it can no longer be regarded as a side project; it’s a necessity. The global health epidemic seems to be intensifying this reality.

This report offers several insights that will help you redefine the customer experience you provide.

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