Brands struggling to create seamless digital experiences, CX Network reveals

A seamless digital customer experience helps brands better understand and service customers, but unclear ownership of who owns digital experience is resulting in fragmented customer journeys

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Adam Muspratt

Digital customer experience allows brands to decode customer’s journeys through data extraction and gathering feedback from their digital touch points and channels. However, research has revealed that brands are struggling in their ability to effectively analyze data and operationalize CX teams.

In the Global State of Customer Experience 2019 Report, 73 per cent of the 200 CX practitioners surveyed said that they cannot create seamless joined-up experiences across different digital touch points. 

This issue is aggravated by a lack of clear CX ownership, with 44 per cent saying that digital customer experience is merged with other departments. This is largely because of customer-centric technologies, such as chatbots, seeping into various areas of a business. 

Many brands cannot identify or assign ultimate responsibility of digital experience, with 31 per cent saying that the tasks falls to marketing and 27 per cent say it falls to digital teams. Surprisingly, only 13 per cent of surveyed CX practitioners say that ownership actually falls to a dedicated CX department, despite 48 per cent of brands surveyed having a dedicated digital experience team.

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In fact, 20 per cent of marketing and CX executives feel they will ‘never truly understand’ why their customers buy.

Without a seamless experience across multiple channels, brands will struggle to unite data from multiple touch points and turn it into actionable insight.

On the importance of creating a seamless digital experience, James Alexander, decisioning director at Sky, said: “It allows you to get much better visibility of what’s going on with your customers. In particular, how they interact with you on your websites, your apps, your call centre and other channels across all of those silos in the organisation. Combining this with key bits of core customer data then provides a rich asset that allows you to really understand your customers.

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“Typically as you integrate the data and marketing technologies to construct the customer profile, it also allows you to go in the other direction and execute a tailored experience at the individual account level as you recognize your customers.

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