‘Retailers today are getting churned by Amazon’

Seth Adler

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In this week’s podcast interview, Theo Rose speaks about the need to rebuilt internal processes to ensure behaviour is aligned to optimising the customer experience


Seasoned retail expert Theo Rose joins host Seth Adler in CX Network’s Podcast Theatre this week. In the in-depth interview he shares his thought that the rhetoric around the retail apocalypse is overblown. Rather than having a sense of doom and gloom, he’s leaning into this time of massive transformation.

Rose notes that a question being asked was: ‘How did we get to where we are today’? The response was a recognition that the industry has moved away from the centrifugal force of understanding what the customer wants and finding a way to deliver it to them.

That fundamental truth dovetails with the fact that retailers have not delivered on delighting customers. And so, Rose notes, ease of shop has become the definitive delightful customer experience. This means that internal processes need to be rebuilt to ensure behaviour is aligned to optimising the customer experience.

He also says that the area close to the stern of the boat is nothing but churn and “retailers today are getting churned by Amazon”.