Podcast interview with Antonio Zacchao from Sunglass Hut

Seth Adler

This in-depth podcast interview with the VP Store Operations delves into his journey from the military to investment banking to, ultimately, retail.


Antonio Zacchao is the VP Store Operations for Sunglass Hut North America. At the Customer Experience Exchange for Retail, he joined host Seth Adler from the CX Network podcast theatre to discuss his early days in Naples and his foray into the military as a young man.

In the military, his leaders taught him to be a better person. Each day he had to exercise, go to class, participate in sport, study and then go to dinner; in that order. If you missed something you missed it, so he learned accountability.

Zacchao studied economics at a top school in Italy where he learned he wasn’t a visionary but an operator, which led him to investment banking. And he eventually brought his investment banking mind to retail.

At Luxxotica, his fellow Italian CEO told Zacchao to go to the US to fix issues with a business unit. He utilised his experience in dealing with high calibre leaders in the finance world in dealing with his retail compatriots – and he continues that today.