Key customer experience trends in NorAm: CX Guide

Discover the top trends shaping customer experience strategies in the NorAm region

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Adam Jeffs

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Brands are beginning to understand that while customer needs are fairly similar across the globe, there are specific preferences based on geographic location that can help brands gain a competitive edge in their marketing strategies.

If brands are aware of the shifting customer preferences that can be observed within different geographical locations, they are in a stronger position to deliver targeted experiences and services that truly resonate with specific customer segments. 

This guide also highlights the key advice and observations drawn from a survey of 30 CX NorAm professionals on customer experience trends in the region.

Access this guide to: 

  • Deepen your understanding of customer preferences in the NorAm region
  • Discover the key trends shaping customer experience in the NorAm region
  • Uncover the greatest challenges in delivering quality CX in NorAm 
  • Learn from the advice and insights of the customer experience professionals at Persistent Systems