Podcast with Frank Eliason on how global society behaviours impact CX

Seth Adler

This in-depth podcast interview with the keynote speaker also delves into how customer experience and employee experience go hand-in-hand.


On his way to Keynote at the Customer Experience Management Asia 2017, Frank Eliason joins host Seth Adler from the CX Network podcast theatre Stateside to talk about how global society is behaving currently and what that means for customer experience.

Frank says he’s been watching customer experience since before they called it customer experience. He notes that, globally, we’re creating these big CX fiefdoms but we then retract quickly because CX isn’t delivering quickly enough.

In this in-depth interview he shares that he should have paid more attention in psychology class. His thought is that in addition to paying attention to the customer’s experience, organisations should be paying attention to the employee’s experience.

Frank adds that when you newly focus on CX as a deliverable, you’re going against the grain of not only your customers but your employees as well.