Podcast interview with Paco Underhill on what drives customers today

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Seth Adler

This in-depth podcast interview also delves into what merchants can do to improve their customer’s experience


Celebrated author, Paco Underhill joins CX Network podcast theatre host Seth Adler today. He shares that when he was doing research for commercial zoning issues for cities on the roof of the SeaFirst Bank building in Seattle he had an epiphany.

He would do for merchants of any kind what he was doing for cities: helping them understand what customers were doing in their respective establishments and sharing what the merchants could do to improve their customer's experience. He wrote the book on it, Why We Buy, which came from an article that Malcolm Gladwell wrote about Underhill for the New Yorker.

Underhill discusses how he goes about helping merchants with Envirosell, providing insight on what drives customers and how that’s changed over the years. He also provides a few international case studies. And finally, discusses his passion which is helping fight homelessness through Urban Pathways.