Data-centric thinking key to reaching utopic customer experience

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Seth Adler



Host Seth Adler is joined by Nick Muir, Senior Analytics Manager at RBS in the CX Network podcast hot seat this week to examine how culture change is key for organizations driving towards efficient data-centric thinking.  

In this episode, Nick provides a glimpse into RBS’ progressive approach as the bank steers towards the grand vision it has for its customers. 



 Data integrity and AI 

“If you don't invest in the way that you use your data to power your AI, then you have a substandard solution. You won't have the cognitive automation element to your AI solution that would learn. The solution would be substandard and therefore, doesn't stack up to an investment.”

Making the best of big data


“ … we have vast amounts of data. It's how you use it. It's how you knit it together. We have thousands of applications within the organization. We offer lots of services. There are data stores and information about our customers that resides in different places. You need to be able to make sure you make the best of that.

“There's no point in having that data if you aren't going to use it to understand your customers better, understand what your customers want, and use it to drive the service touchpoints that you use to interact with your customers.”

A chatbot roadmap  

“It's the same with a chatbot that we're organizing into the roadmap that we have. You do things in small chunks. You introduce certain functionality and then you start to develop and building it. Our thinking is: how do we get the most out of that proposition for our customers using data?"