10 tips to fast-track your AI in CX journey

CX Network’s recent report has witnessed a lift in the amount of CX experts that have launched their AI in CX journeys.

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Chanice Henry

image of results on artificial intelligence in customer experience

Artificial intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence In Customer Experience report which involved 102 CX experts saw a 50/50 split between the professionals that are yet to start their implementation journey and those who are already working with the technology, with one in five of these being established or mature in their practice of AI and machine learning in their organisation.

This landscape represents a slight progress on previous year’s report, which had a 60/40 split in favour of those who had not started on their AI journey. This growth highlights AI is a strategic development in CX which is here to stay.

It would be wrong to assume those who are earlier in their journeys are laggards. Some prefer to adopt a considered and cautious approach to embedding these technologies into their business.

Innovation for innovation’s sake is rarely a wise investment and some organisations may simply be taking a more detailed pre-deployment approach when planning their ‘to be’ customer journey design. It is highly likely that some of the businesses in the ‘interested’ and ‘planning phases’ are working on building the right support structure before rolling out the technologies.

To assist with the planning and execution of each stage, CX Network has compiled a selection of tips for the stages in the AI implementation journey in the graphic below.