How to assess data quality in an omnichannel world

A practical guide to assessing data quality and how to judge the maturity of a marketing data strategy

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Positioned at the core Publicis Groupe, Epsilon is a leader in interaction management. Our data-led marketing delivers unmatched depth, breadth and scale to help brands turn meaningful human interactions into exceptional business outcomes.


High-performance marketing is rooted in strong data, but not all data is equal.

Whether the data is internally sourced or from an external supplier, having quality data is critical to maximizing your marketing’s effectiveness, making every customer and prospect interaction count.

If data is not of a high-quality, it will not matter how much of it you have, what statistical methods are applied or how much experience is brought to the table. Basing decisions on flawed data can have costly implications for a business.

In a time where consumers expect seamless omnichannel services from companies so they don’t have to endure fragmented conversations that are riddled with disconnections, Epsilon presents this guide on how vetting data quality can increase returns on marketing investment and strengthen brand experiences. The insights in this guide include:

  • Key assessment criteria to evaluate data quality
  • Recommendations on how brands should navigate each criteria to optimize your marketing data strategy
  • A data quality checklist to evaluate your brand’s maturity level in this field and next steps to take
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