Craft loyalty winning emotional connections with your customers

A tour of Epsilon’s PeopleCloud Loyalty which empowers marketers to create meaningful experiences for customers.

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With recent research showing that customers are more willing than ever to switch to a competitor when dissatisfied, marketers must strive to craft emotional connections with consumers – by offering highly relevant experiences that create consumer delight.

This demonstration showcases how Epsilon’s PeopleCloud Loyalty software empowers marketers to deliver experiences with loyalty winning relevance by connecting each customer’s data—online and offline—to a single profile so it can be seamlessly activated across digital and physical channels.

The insight powered recommendations given to front-line employees allows each customer to be reached at precisely the right moment, with personalized rewards and experiences driven by their real time behavior.

Tune into the demonstration for a tour of the platform’s capabilities which empower marketers to create meaningful loyalty experiences for their customers.

Watch this demonstration to discover the following features:

  • Real time personalization
  • Scalability and performance
  • Native integration
  • Intuitive UI
  • Identity-based customer profiles that break down customer data silos
  • Strategic services and expertise
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