5 digital mistakes retailers continue to make

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Digital-enabled experiences will soon be the primary growth driver for retailers, and you need to make sure you capitalise on the opportunities by avoiding these common mistakes

In the words of venture capitalist Mark Andreessen, software is eating the world. Digital interactions are becoming the norm in every industry, and retail is no exception.

The National Retail Federation expects that US online retail will grow 8-12 per cent in 2017. Conversely, brick-and-mortar retail will grow at a rate of only 2.8 per cent – slower than the industry’s overall growth rate (3.7 per cent - 4.2 per cent).

The reality is that the average consumer is constantly influenced by digital, no matter when and how they choose to make a purchase. Digital and digital-enabled experiences will be the primary growth driver for retailers. A study by Deloitte Consulting pegs digital devices influencing $.56 of every $1 currently spent in physical stores.

Retailers know digital is important, but don’t fully understand why or how to best utilise it. Many are not adapting quickly enough to the latest trends and technologies. Further complicating matters, every customer’s buying journey is different and they frequently bounce between the physical and digital worlds. Consumers want control over when and how they interact with a brand. And, they expect perfection each time.

In this whitepaper we look at the top 5 digital mistakes retailers continue to make – and what you can do to tackle these obstacles, ensuring you deliver great customer experiences.