Understanding and mastering the customer complaint journey

Enlightening insights on how to master customer complaint resolution at your business.

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Customer journey management

Customer service isn't easy, and without happy customers, it's nearly impossible to grow as a business.

Customer feedback and complaints play a vital role in driving product, service and process improvement. Most companies, however, still struggle to understand and act on customer feedback.

It's so valuable to understand the connection between complaints management, customer experience (CX) excellence and organizational performance. Without recognizing the interconnectivity of customer service with every other department, there are bound to be gaps in your strategy and your business will fail to meet customer priorities.

This whitepaper will provide some complaints and feedback insight from the customers' perspective. Based on research involving real customers and their complaints, this read contains enlightening insights on how to improve the customer experience at your business.

Download this whitepaper to discover:

  • Statistics on what customers care about the most
  • How influential customer service is to customer loyalty
  • How critical complaint resolution is in the customer journey
  • The five stages of the complaint journey
  • Common mistakes brands make in the complaint journey
  • Tips on how to master the complaint journey to improve customer retention
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