Four steps to selecting a complaint management solution

Aptean offers a step-by-step guide to selecting the right complaint management system for your business

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Customer complaint management can be an affronting process, especially for brands that assume they are in touch with their customers.

Rather than wasting time resisting the notions expressed in complaints, brands should regard them as opportunities to realign customer experience approaches so they truly fulfil customer expectations and requirements.

Complaint management systems can provide complete visibility into customer concerns across an organization and make actioning feedback a simple, painless process.

To aid the process of vendor selection, Aptean has developed a four step guide for identifying the tech solution that is the best fit for your brand:

1. Know your industry regulations

It is vital to know what regulations are being enacted and enforced in your field and to understand where your organizations stands with regards to compliance. Organizations that neglect this could find themselves facing heavy fines, which is why it is critical that both your organization and complaints management vendor know the industry regulations inside-out.

2. Identify your customer feedback channels and ensure that your solution can support them

With more and more customers choosing to interact with brands through a range of channels, it is important to ensure that no individual channels, and consequently customer segments, are neglected. Your vendor should work with you to develop clear workflows and strategies for the channels you wish to utilize.

3. Develop a framework for your goals

When selecting a vendor, it is beneficial to outline the primary goals you hope to achieve through your complaint management system. Share these goals with colleagues and ensure that everyone understands the key objectives.

4. Involve the right decision makers

It is not just the customer service team that needs to be involved in selecting a vendor. Other departments such as sales, marketing and compliance need clear visibility into customer interactions and feedback in order to make impactful decisions.

To learn more about how Aptean optimizes complaints management and see its systems in action, access the latest Aptean Respond Demo here.



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