How Walmart Health uses feedback data to enhance customer experiences

At CXN Live: Customer Feedback and Satisfaction Shawn Nason, CEO at customer experience design specialist MOFi, discussed his journey with Walmart Health and how it partnered with customer feedback service provider, HappyOrNot, to implement a desirable customer experience.

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Customer feedback and satisfaction

Nason detailed the three experience design principles that were applied in order to drive customer satisfaction for the newly implemented Walmart Health scheme.

Cost (Know me): High quality medical care offered at low cash prices, with no insurance necessary.

Convenience (Make it easy for me): An open, integrated system offering healthcare, pharmaceutical and vision services that is open seven days a week for extended hours.

Care (Care for me): Care hosts guide customers through their experience from check-in to check-out.

Nason explained that in order to monitor the impact of this initiative, MOFi partnered with HappyOrNot to implement its globally recognized smiley based feedback system.

Traditional feedback methods can have large wait times before results are available, sometimes up to 90 days, says Nason. The partnership with HappyOrNot was particularly beneficial as the service provided real-time data that could be analyzed daily in order to manipulate the customer experience with speed. The system also offers a feedback method that is simple and already widely understood, making it   easy for consumers to share their thoughts.

Real time customer care

In the session, Nason discussed the methods used to tie in HappyOrNot feedback to KPI’s. This was orchestrated so bottlenecks and key customer concerns could be identified, such as long wait times. Due to the continuous nature of the data provided, MOFi was able to take steps to address issues as they arose, such as adjusting the experience model or providing additional training where necessary.

Watch the session below to find out how a culture of patient-centric care was successfully fostered for the new Walmart Health scheme, driving up the quality of customer feedback, and how you can utilize customer feedback tools to facilitate continuous improvement at your brand.