How Dell used journey mapping to double productivity levels

At CXN Live: Experience Design, the director of UX/CX/product strategy and marketing at Dell offered attendees a look into how mapping the customer journey transformed the way experiences are delivered at Dell

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At CXN Live: Experience Design, Deb Zell, director of UX/CX/product strategy and marketing at Dell, offered attendees valuable insights into how the computer technology giant maps and manages the customer ecosystem. Watch her session at CXN Live for the full breakdown.

Understanding the customer journey

Zell began by explaining that most organizations will only account for interactions with websites or other digital channels when mapping a customer journey, ignoring all of the steps that a customer takes before ending up on the website. She explained why she believes that these pre-website interactions represent significant opportunity to gain a competitive advantage.

Zell detailed the steps taken by Dell to investigate the customer journey and remarked that the research has given Dell an entirely new understanding of who its customers are. She continued by taking attendees through some of Dell’s other findings, including the importance of the employee experience and the use and support phase of the customer journey.

Explaining the ways that Dell has actioned the results of the research, Zell detailed a particular initiative that was designed specifically to enable employees to deliver the best experiences possible. The initiative saw a rise of more than 100 per cent in employee performance based on conversion stats and also served to make life easier for customers.

Customer experience innovations at Dell

Finally, Zell offered an invaluable view into the structure of how Dell identifies and solves any issues within the customer journey, through a unique five-stage cycle that challenges the established industry best-practice.

“It is exciting when you discover that some of the industry best-practices don’t actually work well for customers, because that is where you open up that space to take market share from your competitors,” Zell remarked.

For a closer look into how Dell is mapping and managing the customer ecosystem to improve the experiences it delivers, watch Zell’s session during CXN Live: Experience Design above.