Forrester exclusive: The customer experience ecosystem redefined

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A brand-new report on the CX ecosystem outlining the key challenges, initiatives for successful adaptation and improvements to help you transform your business

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Four years ago Forrester introduced the concept of the customer experience ecosystem to CX professionals. To see how this model has evolved, they interviewed senior executives at more than two dozen organisations and found that:

  • The CX ecosystem resonates with business leaders. The notion of managing a CX ecosystem – as opposed to focusing on touch points or channels – rang true with almost every organisation interviewed. That’s a far cry from just four years ago, when tunnel vision limited companies’ ability to see how interactions beyond the customer’s line of sight influence the overall experience. One interviewee from the hospitality industry summed up his company’s eureka moment like this: “We realised that there are a million layers between a great idea and the CX we deliver; it takes everyone to get there.”

  • Companies struggle to apply the concept. Despite the widespread popularity of the term, interviewees struggle to get traction for ecosystem improvements. One CX professional said that he likes the concept, but that implementation just isn’t happening. Even companies with the best developed programmes acknowledge that they don’t see the customer experience holistically. The exasperated chief customer officer of a CX leader said, “Our customer-facing piece works really well, but we’re not good at tying that to the back end.”

Download this exclusive report from Forrester with CX Network to learn more about:

  • The problem: The conservative gravity of business as usual
  • The redefinition of the customer experience ecosystem
  • Three initiatives successful adaptation requires
  • CX ecosystem improvements that will transform your business
  • Simple mapping techniques to master the ecosystem