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Forrester Exclusive: Designing for Emotion in Customer Experience

Posted: 05/15/2017

This brand-new report from Forrester for CX Network highlights how to tap into the full scope of emotion to go beyond customer delight.

Effective product and service design is human-centred. It starts with a change of perspective: seeing the world through your customers’ eyes. That shift helps kindle the empathy required for understanding your customers’ needs, wants, and habits.

To go from that empathetic starting point to designing a solution that is not only relevant and useful but also emotionally engaging, you also need to understand how your customer is feeling and wants to feel.

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Download this exclusive report from Forrester for CX Network to learn:

  • How to develop the skills to design for emotion
  • To tap into the precursors of emotion through customer understanding
  • Homing in on memory-making moments
  • How to design emotion the right way

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Posted: 05/15/2017