30 under 30 finalist: Cat Lecardonnel of John Lewis

Seth Adler


Soon after being listed in CX Network’s 30-under-30, Customer Experience Design Manager Cat Lecardonnel provides an inside look into the team that acts as the guardian of customer experience at John Lewis (JL).

Cat oversees the E2E Omni ambition for the Customer Experience at JL. Cat has most recently worked to define a set of overarching customer priorities for the business with the JL Management Board to define and explore the business mobilization approach. As a result Cat has  been at the forefront of new ways of working which embrace a more experimental approach to customer-centric design, fusing elements of Service Design, prototyping, and Agile methodology - to meet the needs of customers in the Omni environmen


Key Highlights

Customer experience team

Cat: “As a whole team, we are the guardians of the customer experience for the whole of John Lewis. John Lewis in shops, online, over the phone, however you interact with us. In the design function we're there specifically to set the overarching ambition for what we want the customer experience to be and to help translate that for all of our individual business units. And critically to make sure it joins up across all of those individual units.”


“I think measurement is a challenge. It's still something that we are grappling with. As we look at our new initiatives, how do we get the kind of operational metrics to stand up to the deep customer insight that's coming out of call staff to what we are seeing from transactional data. The triangulation seems to be quite difficult to achieve.”

Customer Data

Cat: “What we need to try to get better at is,  historically we use the data upfront to say: ‘Okay, we need to do something about x now’, but we haven't necessarily always tracked it through so we really understand the impact of what we're doing. I think we are being much more robust in that respect now. So we can pick and choose where we want to invest for the future.”