Four rules to overcome survey fatigue

CEO of MaritzCX, Mike Sinoway opened the 2019 Experience Forum in New York by revealing new findings to motivate customers to provide feedback. 

Chanice Henry

Image of Mike Sinoway at MaritzCX New York Experience Forum

Today’s brands operate in a climate of survey fatigue. Recent research has shown that a mere 9 per cent of customers take time to answer lengthy surveys thoughtfully.

CEO of MaritzCX, Mike Sinoway opened the 2019 Experience Forum in New York by revealing new findings to motivate customers to provide feedback. 

A monetary incentive was the strongest driver to boost survey responses, but the second was the knowledge that the business would take action with customer feedback. The latter being an accessible and cost-efficient way to entice customers to communicate feedback, which can then be used to inform new efficiencies.

Actioning customer feedback

Sinoway’s point emphasised the importance of brands analyzing customer feedback so they can action it in meaningful ways that matter most to customers. Brands that are aware of factors that can shape the success of an experience will be more sophisticated in how they tailor customer journeys. 

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He pointed to a recent study which discovered that for airlines two variables found to be more influential than arrival delay were flyer age and the day of the journey. If a customer is arriving late on a Friday, there was little frustration had, however if the delayed arrival occurred late on a Monday night annoyance is more likely because the customer is deprived of rest for the working week ahead. With this feedback, airlines could place extra effort into minimising delays on days that are earlier on in the week to preserve customer satisfaction levels. 

Customer Feedback & Satisfaction: Register Now

In a world where customers are over-run with surveys, emails and special offers, the challenge now is to cut through the noise and get the relevant feedback to drive your business forward.

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Be resourceful

To avoid duplicating effort on the customers’ part, by asking for information they have already provided, Sinoway recommends programming algorithms to follow the structured and unstructured operations data for CX workflow measures. This can be used to inform proactive interventions, surface information the brand already has about the customer’s experience and outline steps for frontline staff to recover experiences.

Four rules to overcome survey fatigue

Sinoway wrapped up his talk with four key rules brands should adopt in customer experience strategies to boost feedback responses:

  • Don’t ask just because you can

  • Don’t interrupt when you could be listening – customers will tell you what they think via other signals

  • Don’t interrogate when you should already know that information

  • Don’t go silent when you should be communicating

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