FinTech Ferst Digital: Where the product is the customer experience

Seth Adler

This week’s podcast interview shines a light on customer experience from a FinTech perspective


Eytan Bensoussan is CEO and co-founder of Ferst Digital, Canada's first mobile-first API-based banking platform that helps startups and small businesses bank, manage their finances, and integrate all of their financial tools in a simple and intuitive way.

He joins host Seth Adler at the CX Network podcast theatre this week to share his thoughts on customer experience from a FinTech perspective. His thoughts are: if you’re creating a new option, the role of the bank should be different. And so in servicing small business owners, Bensoussan’s point of view is that the role of the bank should be a first line of defense against the burdens of financial management.

Accounting, expense management and cash flow insights are either done on the side or are extremely expensive to have done. He has set up shop to absorb data and repurpose it for the client. And so, Bensoussan’s disrupting an industry, he’s disrupting technology and he’s disrupting customer service and customer experience in the name of the customer.

Bensoussan has set up a financial institution where the product is customer experience.