A profitable approach to managing complaints

How optimized complaint management can drive business improvement

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Adam Jeffs

Image of aptean customer complaint

One of the most important interactions between a customer and a brand often comes in the form of a complaint.

While many organizations consider complaint management to be a drain on resources, proper complaint management is critical to the welfare of a brand’s reputation. Some researchers have found that 13 per cent of customers who have a bad experience will share that experience with 15 or more people.

Profitable business improvements

Complaints also represent a unique opportunity for brands to rectify and optimize the most detrimental flaws in the customer journey. Root cause analysis of the issues and associated feedback data will reveal the necessary process and service improvements. These insights can direct how the company should prioritize business change initiatives in accordance with which have the most forecasted ROI.

Aptean Respond Demo: Enhance customer experience in your complaints process

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By closing the loop, notifying the customer of the changes made thanks to their feedback, the customer is shown in a practical way that the brand genuinely cares about the experience felt by customers.

Forward-thinking companies recognize the power complaints have in regards to customer retention and consistently look for ways to improve complaint and feedback management systems.

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