Artificial intelligence: Building a smarter CX

An in-depth year-on-year look at artificial intelligence trends, investments and challenges that are reforming the CX landscape

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With ever-rising customer expectations, preparing for a future that embraces AI technologies to meet demand has its challenges both in a practical sense and in proving its worth to those who hold the purse strings. Despite this, 87 per cent of CX practitioners are ‘excited’ about the impact of AI on the industry.

With this in mind, CX Network conducted AI 2020:The future of customer experience report in 2017 to establish the investments, trends and challenges that will reshape the  CX landscape over the coming years. Results revealed, 36 per cent of businesses were already at the beginning/planning phase of their AI journey but many challenges still remained. Of those surveyed, 44 per cent said ‘Building an internal culture’ was the greatest obstacle in implementing AI. 

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How far has the industry come in the last year? Have investment priorities changed? And have barriers to AI adoption dispersed? This report looks to gage the year-on-year shift which CX practitioners are experiencing in their pursuit for AI opportunities, optimism and excellence. 

With a quarter of practitioners stating they are now in the early implementation phase, the CX industry appears to be progressing towards this ultimate goal. 

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