Podcast: Coca-cola director of business on ensuring successful digital transformation

Max Just, global director of business integration and program management in associate services at the Coca-Cola Company discusses how companies can better prepare for transformation in today’s rapidly changing digital world

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In this week’s episode in the CXN Podcast, Max Just opens by discussing the importance of improving the employee experience with a focus on people “inside the tent.” For business, the aim should be to attract and inspire employees in order to enrich the lives of customers. A positive employee experience greatly influences the customer experience your staff provides. HR and procurement services aren’t enough anymore to satisfy today’s employee. Instead, employees expect a seamless digital experience more on par to the one they experience in their day-to-day dealings. If a company feels archaic to an employee, they are less likely to feel like they belong.

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Check out the podcast below for Just’s tips on how to adapt to the future employee, such as investing in automation.

Episode highlights

Can we change with a traditional hierarchal structure?

Traditionally organizations have organized themselves around functions, and employees would develop skills around these functions and spend the majority of their careers there... But now, in order to continuously improve and build a stronger competitive edge, companies need to let go of the traditional hierarchy. The business must constantly aim to make a difference, and this can no longer be achieved with the standard hierarchy.

Listen to the podcast to hear Just’s insight on what companies should ask themselves before committing to large-scale transformation.

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