Triple your CX impact with AI using these five tactics

A practical guide with guest presenters and case studies from Microsoft and Sonos.

This webinar will take place on:
February 06, 2020
04:00 PM - 05:00 PM GMT

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Customer feedback

It is not enough to simply claim to be customer obsessed. In a climate where a moment of inconvenience could be enough to push customers to switch to your competitor, brands have no choice but to deliver what customers want. To do this with accuracy, brands need to consistently plug themselves into various sources of customer feedback.

But the reality is 91 per cent customer feedback is not properly used today, with many businesses overwhelmed by the task of processing the high volumes of insights and the soaring costs when deployed at scale.

This webinar, featuring case studies from the likes of Microsoft and Sonos, is a step-by-step guide on what it takes to drive value from unstructured CX feedback, providing insights on the set-up needed to allow text analytics to thrive.

Attend this webinar for practical insights to apply in your business on:

  • Why it is an issue to not fully leverage unstructured customer feedback and why it is not enough to be customer obsessed. Guests from Microsoft and Sonos explain their former challenges.
  • Text Analytics with Augmented AI: How to codify messy text data with human-like precision and great granularity.
  • Get better feedback with an AI-powered probing-bot-plugin to every CX survey.
  • The key hidden drivers of CX using AI-powered key driver analysis.
  • Make it easy and fun to interact with results for internal business partners.
  • Predict results of actions and become immortal when predictions become reality.


Frank Buckler, PhD.,
CX Pioneer, Book Author, Keynote Speaker and Founder & CEO
Success Drivers

Rajul Jain, PhD.,
Senior Research Manager


David Feick, PhD,
Former Head of Customer Insights