The Customer Experience Report: Finance Edition

Maya Fowell

Drive profitability and stay ahead of the innovation curve.

The financial industry has awoken to the importance of customer experience being the competitive differentiator. In an industry that has seen a lot of commoditisation around the consumer side of the product, meaning that the differentiator that you have left is on service, realising that customers are becoming more fluent with their understanding of the financial product, and optimising that relationship is imperative.

As customer needs are becoming more complex and expectations of service are going up, a lot of pressure is being put on organisations to be better at customer experience than ever before.

Being able to deliver a seamless customer experience in an increasingly joined-up, multi-channel world has become the top priority for the financial sector and a key differentiator in a crowded market.

In this CX Network report we explore some of the key strategies bankers need to successfully deliver a consistently positive customer experience in an increasingly complex digital world and how they are implementing them.

Produced for the Customer Experience Financial Services Summit, this report highlights trends and case studies, as well as features expert insight on customer retention, improving employee engagement and utilising social media.